PROTA Technology Production Workshop, located in the Turuncu Building, offers a 1000 m² workshop and 900 m² office space.

• It aims to create a culture of production through applied research, open innovation, rapid prototyping, and prototype production, along with technical/theoretical training, consultancy services, and mentoring support for entrepreneurs/companies.
• PROTA, which has a membership system, is designed to assist early-stage entrepreneurs and manufacturers in transitioning from prototype to product and expanding into sustainable businesses and domestic/international markets by providing them with access to the right resources, mentorship, and the manufacturing industry.


• The PROTA Technology Production Workshop community will consist of entrepreneurs, manufacturers, investors, mentors, engineers, designers, and academia and industry members.
• The diversity of infrastructure and perspectives will create opportunities for creative production and collaboration by promoting innovation.
• It will have a unique production center to make the product development cycle as efficient and uninterrupted as possible.
• It will provide resources for product design and rapid prototyping, including 3D printing machines, a metal shop, and more.
• Strong and efficient events, training, workshop, seminar, and other programs will be available for members of the PROTA Technology Production Workshop.
• Our expert consultants have years of experience in business, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and design services to transform new product ideas into scalable businesses.
• Design consultants, technicians, and other staff will be there to answer your questions.

PROTA Technology Production Workshop,

  • Feasibility study Ankara Development Agency 2016 Direct Activity Support Program - Feasibility project, 
  • Phase I - Installation stage was realized with the Ankara Development Agency 2018 Advanced Technology Product Commercialization Financial Support Program.
  • Phase II - Development stage is being carried out with the IPA II 2014-2020 Competitiveness and Innovation Sector Operational Program, Activity 2.2.1: Competence Development Support for Technology Transfer and Commercialization project.


Click here for the list of machinery and equipment supplied to PROTA Technology Production Workshop within the scope of the project.